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Social media

We can show you how to make the most from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all of the other major social media platforms

We’ll cut through the techno-babble and help make social media work for you

The social media explosion that we’ve seen over recent years has dramatically changed the way we all interact with friends, colleagues and people with whom we share interests online.

Health information producers can no longer simply publish a website and wait for patients, carers and health professionals to find them. It’s now essential that a social media strategy is in place to engage with your audience online.

As always with new technologies, it can feel like learning a new language and quite an arduous task to get started. We can explain the jargon and help make social media work for you.

Examples of successful social media work we’ve done include the Mental Elf, which built up a following of over 10,000 people in the first 18 months after launch.

Choose us to support your social media activities and we will:

  • Provide a no-nonsense overview to get you started,
  • Work with you to set up accounts on all of the appropriate websites (e.g, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc),
  • Show you how to engage with your audience,
  • Give you the tools and expertise you need to be self-sufficient.