Emerging Minds webinars

Live-streamed lunchtime webinars to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people through the coronavirus pandemic.

The Challenge

The coronavirus lockdown that began in March 2020 presented huge challenges for children, young people and their families. As we all adjusted to new ways of living, studying and working, the #EmergingMinds series of lunchtime webinars presented the latest evidence-based research to parents and practitioners.

We used our Mental Elf platform to reach a wide audience with these events (live streaming Zoom webinars on YouTube and supporting them with extensive social media coverage) working alongside academics from UK universities.

The Solution

This was a fantastic partnership project. We worked closely with Emily Lloyd and Cathy Creswell from the Emerging Minds Network at the University of Oxford to run a regular series of lunchtime webinars aimed at parents and practitioners.

We wanted to make sure that the topics we covered were important and relevant to our audience, so we regularly asked them what they needed and shaped our agenda from there. We sought out experienced speakers from universities and charities who could communicate the latest reliable research in a clear and engaging way.

We created a warm and welcoming atmosphere during all of the live events, so webinar participants could share their expertise and get support from our experts and each other during the hour-long events.

Post-event surveys demonstrated that participants were extremely satisfied with the webinars they attended and were thirsty for more events like this in future.

“We are absolutely delighted with the Co-Space website. It was a pleasure to work with André and the team - they helped us develop a clear vision and plan for the website and guided us through the process with regular meetings, communication and were responsive throughout. We would definitely recommend them and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.”

Polly Waite

Polly Waite

Principal Investigator, Co-Space Study

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