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We research and write health information that is clear, concise, evidence-based, and focused on your audience’s needs

“Minervation was created to improve the quality of health information. They combine a genuine commitment to methodological rigour with a practical knowledge of how to make it relevant to people's needs.” - Prof. Guy Goodwin, Head of Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford

If there’s evidence, we’ll find it. We can also filter it for quality and relevance, collate it, and leave you with a definitive set of published research around your topic.

If you don’t have the capacity to write your own content, we can even produce a set of evidence-based summaries for you. We work with clinical experts when conducting such reviews, drawing upon our international network of associates.

We can also help you organise your content, by developing an information architecture or taxonomy to ensure people can find what they need.

Our clients include NICE, Associated Press and Johnson & Johnson.

Choose us to help you with your content and you’ll get:

  • Evidence-based information,
  • Produced in a flexible and innovative way,
  • By a team who understand your needs and those of your audience,
  • Delivered in a format that has a real impact.