A new look for the IDEAL Collaboration

A new visual brand, logo and a revamped website for this international collaboration promoting best practice in surgical research.


The Challenge

We have worked with IDEAL since 2012, designing and hosting the website.  We share their commitment to improving quality in research and improving health outcomes through better knowledge of what works.

IDEAL work in the discplines of surgery and other complex, non-pharmacological interventions.  The nature of this type of innovation means we need to look further than just RCTs when we evaluate innovations.  Studies need to reflect the different stages of the evolution and refinement of these innovations, which may be incremental.

The IDEAL Collaboration works to improve awareness and share new developments in methods of evaluation in surgery.

The Solution

The aims of the IDEAL website are:

  1. to provide a repository of information about the project
  2. promote IDEAL’s Research Design service
  3. to notify collaboration members of updates, events and new developments

Design process

IDEAL needed to clarify its identity.  So our design team worked with the client to create a memorable logo that could be easily adapted for different media.

IDEAL banner

As more people now use smartphones than desktop computers to access the web, we started with a design that was optimised for mobile layouts.

Audience research

Website surveys and interviews gave us a clear steer on what the users want from the site.  This led us to define the architecture and source content for their needs:

  • Material explaining the IDEAL Framework
  • Resources for use in their own presentations or teaching
  • Wanting to collaborate, whether by joining the group or on a specific research project.

IDEAL projects

Content management

We customised the standard WordPress system to make it easier to manage for the IDEAL team to manage content that fits these broad requirements.

We created content types for Projects, People and Events.  As well as providing flexible content feeds to the site, these content types eliminate duplication of effort.


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