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We conduct hands-on usability testing in a realistic and reliable way

“I have just looked at the new usability report and analysis and it's great. It's very useful to have numerical data comparing the effectiveness of both information architectures. Thanks!” - Liz Woolf, Head of CancerHelp UK, Cancer Research UK

We’ve taken our background in evidence-based health care and applied it to measuring the impact and effectiveness of websites.

Our methods help you to understand what your users really think about your website.

We will conduct hands-on testing of your site with a typical group of users. We will give them real life scenarios to work on, but ask them to formulate their own questions so the tests are as realistic as possible.

Where you face choices in design or architecture, we can directly compare their performance, giving you objective data to inform your decisions.

Our studies will capture qualitative and quantitative feedback, so you can see how your site develops and improves over time.

"Thanks again for a good job carried out efficiently, on time and tactfully – all of which are much appreciated" - Minervation usability client

And because we take a transparent approach, you can get involved all along the way.

Our clients include Cancer Research UKNHS Evidence and The Commissioning Zone.

We have written two case studies of our usability testing work:

  1. Cancer Research UK
  2. University of Oxford Careers Service

Choose us to conduct usability testing on your website and we will:

  • Carry out evidence-based real-life testing,
  • Find out what your users think of your site,
  • Identify problems and areas for development,
  • Recommend achievable solutions for you to work on.