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We provide a comprehensive design service capable of meeting all of your web, print and multimedia needs

We’ll start by identifying the concepts you want to associate with your brand. If you need a logo, we’ll create one that is eye-catching and works well in all the media you need.

We created a new brand identity, logo, web design and video content for the mental health charity Equilibrium.

We’ll involve you at every stage so that you can see how your design is progressing, through mock-ups to its realisation on your web site, printed material, presentations and other media.

Our experience of managing the views of different stakeholders and co-ordinating the production process means that we can turn creative ideas into reality with the minimum of fuss.

Our clients include Equilibrium – The Bipolar Foundation, the Equator Network and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

Choose us for design and you’ll gain:

  • A brand identity that clearly communicates your values,
  • A logo that can be used across all of your web and print materials,
  • An accessible and usable web design.