The Lifestyle Elf will help you keep up to date with the best evidence about healthy lifestyle

The Lifestyle ElfWe are really pleased to announce the launch of another elf blog, this time tackling one of the most important subjects there is: healthy lifestyle.

Sarah Chapman, Information Scientist from the UK Cochrane Centre is at the helm and the new site is going down a storm with health professionals, publishers, bloggers and the general public at large.

So if you have an interest in diet, obesity, nutrition, exercise, smoking and other public health issues, sign up and get daily alerts to help stay abreast of the latest reliable research, policy and guidance.

Like all the other elf blogs, the Lifestyle Elf is written in clear and engaging user-friendly language, with bite-sized chunks of evidence that busy health professionals can digest with ease!

Take your pick of these ways to keep up to date with the lifestyle evidence:

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