New website to help doctors provide better care for people with learning disabilities

Wood for the treesWe know that sometimes people with learning disabilities don’t receive adequate care from the NHS. Many high profile reports and documentaries have highlighted the failings across health and social care and it’s noticeable that the mistakes that happen are often around regularly occurring themes (e.g. poor communication, ignoring advice from families).

We have been heavily involved in a new website from the General Medical Council that aims to teach doctors how to do better. The site identifies the issues, highlights patient perspectives and shows how professionals can put guidance into practice. It’s a very interactive resource with lots of video and online learning tools.

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Mental health carers and confidentiality website wins IVCA award

Mental health professionals have to consider their primary responsibility to the patient as well as a careful assessment of the patient/carer relationship

We are proud to announce an award-winning interactive website to help mental health professionals manage issues of confidentiality and negotiate information sharing dilemmas with carers who support people with mental health problems.

We have built the site with colleagues at Rethink and Seefood.tv and were delighted to hear that it was awarded the 2010 IVCA Clarion Award for best interactive website.

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People in research: a new website connecting members of the public with researchers

By “getting involved in research” we mean active participation, such as sitting on a steering group, advising on funding applications or helping to write information for patients.

The site has a searchable database of opportunities, and researchers can register for the site and add their own projects to the database.  These are checked by INVOLVE staff before they go live to ensure that they meet quality standards.

We have also created an extensive collection of videos and textual resources that describe what it’s like to get involved, what sorts of roles people can play and how to make sure involvement is effective.

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