People in research: a new website connecting members of the public with researchers

By “getting involved in research” we mean active participation, such as sitting on a steering group, advising on funding applications or helping to write information for patients.

The site has a searchable database of opportunities, and researchers can register for the site and add their own projects to the database.  These are checked by INVOLVE staff before they go live to ensure that they meet quality standards.

We have also created an extensive collection of videos and textual resources that describe what it’s like to get involved, what sorts of roles people can play and how to make sure involvement is effective.

For example, in this clip Steve Gillard (a Researcher who works in mental health) and his colleague Kati Turner (a Service User Researcher) discuss how their work allows them the space to explore new perspectives on their research.

Visit the People in Research website: http://www.peopleinresearch.org

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