Oxford University: open for business

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 12.15.22We are delighted to announce the first release of the new Oxford University Innovation and Partnership website at http://www.partnership.ox.ac.uk/

We have been working with the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team (KEIT) to build this portal website aimed at businesses who want to work with the University.

Sian Dodd, KEIT Research Officer, explained their objectives for the site:

The objective has been to create a much clearer and more comprehensive website to inform external customers about the many ways that they can benefit from building a working relationship with Oxford University and to direct them as quickly as possible to specific contacts for further information.

A second release will follow soon with some updates to functionality to enable users to filter through the extensive library of case studies that we are building – a library that has already grown much bigger than initially expected but that we intend to utilise fully in the second release.

We think the new responsive site we’ve built looks great.  Thanks as always go to our marvellous team, which included Angela from Design By Day and Tom from Olospo on this site.

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