Minervation help with the speedy relaunch of the TVCN website

Ricky Gervais - helping to raise awareness for lung cancer in the Thames Valley

In April the Thames Valley Cancer Network revamped and relaunched it’s website with the ‘Early Diagnosis Saves Lives’ campaign. The campaign’s aim is to help educate people by highlighting the possible signs of bowel and lung cancer and urging them to see their GP.

Mark Palin (Communications and Engagement Lead) has been very pleased with our speedy response, which led to the campaign being launched in just a few days.

Here’s what Mark had to say:

“Thames Valley Cancer Network revamped its website and was really pleased with the result we got from Minervation, the site is clean and accessible and welcoming.

The network then recently launched a campaign highlighting the benefits of the early diagnosis of cancer and needed to establish a web presence on its site the campaign in literally a matter of days.

Minervation were superb. We scribbled out what we thought the pages might look like and emailed over a load of words and pictures and asked Minervation to do their best with it. Their best was brilliant!

They thought about all the issues that someone hitting our site would want as part of the campaign, organised the content in a simple and accessible way and had the site up and running by the start of the campaign.¬†Life-savers!”


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