Informed Choice about Cancer Screening: new website and online poll

ICCS character line upWe’re launching a new website today called Informed Choice about Cancer Screening.

We have designed and built this site with Sami France from Design By Day. We think it looks great and we look forward to adding more content and functionality over the coming months to support the roll-out of this new initiative.

The Informed Choice about Cancer Screening Team at King’s Health Partners is conducting the review to develop a new approach to present information on the benefits and harms of cancer screening for the public, patients and health professionals in a balanced and even-handed way.  The review is being conducted on behalf of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes.

Screening programmes have benefits and harms. Deciding whether to have screening is a personal choice. It is important that people are supported in making an informed choice. An informed choice is a choice that a person makes that is based on accurate information and what matters to them.


We have built the ICCS website in WordPress and designed a new logo and brand identity to make the project stand out on social media

There have been some criticisms of the existing information about cancer screening. People have questioned whether the information:

  • presents the benefits and harms of screening in a balanced way
  • explains to people that there is some uncertainty about the benefits and harms of screening
  • is accessible and relevant

Informed Choice about Cancer Screening is leading the review of the approach to developing information about cancer screening. You can read about cancer screening, their proposed approach and the types of information they will be developing on the new website.

You can also complete their online poll or review their proposed approach by answering a set of questions aimed at organisations.


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