Are you vitamin D deficient?

How are you getting your vitamin D?

The Vitamin D Council is a charity based in California who are working to raise awareness of vitamin D and the potential consequences of vitamin D deficiency. We get vitamin D through sunlight exposure or supplementation and there is emerging research that shows links between a number of health problems and vitamin D deficiency.

The new Vitamin D Council website features lots of information about vitamin D, what it is, how to make sure you get enough and how to find out if you are deficient.  It also contains 75 health condition summaries, which bring together the latest research on the subject in a patient friendly format.

The site uses our Phaedrus content management system to handle the thousands of pages of information. It also features a members’ blog that is powered by WordPress.

We have conducted extensive usability testing to ensure that the design, information architecture, content and search engine are fit for purpose.  We hope you like what you see, but please let us know if you have any constructive feedback!


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