A new look for the National Elf Service

Elves bloggingThe elves are looking extremely chipper today as they stand resplendent on their sumptuous new homepages.

We’ve pulled out all the stops and redesigned the National Elf Service so all of you busy health and social care professionals have lovely simple websites to browse for your latest golden nuggets of evidence.

There are now 8 elves to choose from, including the marvellous new Commissioning Elf, which was originally put together by our long-time Associate Sue Lacey-Bryant and has recently been taken over by the dream team of Caroline De Brun and Alison Turner. Big thanks to Sue and Caroline for helping us launch this new addition!

The Lifestyle Elf

Keep up to date with lifestyle research by following the LIfestyle Elf

Here they all are:

We’d love to hear from you if you have ideas about how we can improve these websites. Perhaps you’d like to get involved with this fun and engaging evidence-based healthcare project (there’s a combination of words you don’t often hear together!), or maybe you have feedback on what we can improve in the woodland.

Our elfin work plan for the rest of this year is jam-packed. We’ve got loads of features and functions that we’ll be adding to the sites over the coming months, so keep your pointy ears to the ground!


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