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LIDA tool

The Minervation validation instrument for healthcare websites (LIDA tool)

We have produced a simple way for people to measure the accessibility, usability and reliability of healthcare websites.

Full LIDA tool (v1.2 Copyright Minervation 2007, PDF)
This is a validated 41 question instrument, which will take around half an hour to complete. It will provide you with a reliable and reproducible assessment of any healthcare website.

Find out more about the LIDA tool or read more about why accessibility, usability and reliability are so important.

Test your site online

Unfortunately due to hardware issues we are unable to offer the automated checker at this time.  We are investigating solutions but expect it to be offline for some time.

Please use the PDF for data collection instead.

Note that all automated accessibility checkers have limited ability to accurately evaluate accessibility because of the need to check the appropriateness of ALT and TITLE tags.  Therefore, these data should be regarded as a guide rather than definitive assessment.  For full accessibility assessments, please consult the W3C guidance.

Enter the URL (for example www.google.co.uk)