New website to help doctors provide better care for people with learning disabilities

Wood for the treesWe know that sometimes people with learning disabilities don’t receive adequate care from the NHS. Many high profile reports and documentaries have highlighted the failings across health and social care and it’s noticeable that the mistakes that happen are often around regularly occurring themes (e.g. poor communication, ignoring advice from families).

We have been heavily involved in a new website from the General Medical Council that aims to teach doctors how to do better. The site identifies the issues, highlights patient perspectives and shows how professionals can put guidance into practice. It’s a very interactive resource with lots of video and online learning tools.

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Network to Support Understanding of Health Research #NSUHR

Confused man scratching his headMuch of our work over the last decade has been around producing health information websites that are accessible, usable and reliable, but what does this mean if the audience are the UK general public?

Two key challenges are:

  1. Raising the level of knowledge that the general public have about health research and
  2. Teaching skills to help people become more discerning when they are presented with often exaggerated messages about the benefits of treatments.

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The Lifestyle Elf will help you keep up to date with the best evidence about healthy lifestyle

The Lifestyle ElfWe are really pleased to announce the launch of another elf blog, this time tackling one of the most important subjects there is: healthy lifestyle.

Sarah Chapman, Information Scientist from the UK Cochrane Centre is at the helm and the new site is going down a storm with health professionals, publishers, bloggers and the general public at large.

So if you have an interest in diet, obesity, nutrition, exercise, smoking and other public health issues, sign up and get daily alerts to help stay abreast of the latest reliable research, policy and guidance.

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Healthy eating out in Scotland

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the healthy living award website.

The healthyliving award has been designed to make it easier for you to eat healthier food whenever you eat out. Many cafes, sandwich shops, workplace restaurants, colleges and other places where you buy meals and snacks across Scotland have made changes to the way they prepare food to ensure it’s done with your health in mind. These eateries will be displaying the healthyliving award logo and their certificate.

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Usability testing for the NHS Commissioning Zone

We have just presented the results of a new usability study to the team at Primary Care Commissioning (PCC) who are responsible for the Commissioning Zone website. The Commissioning Zone is a website aimed at clinical commissioners.  It features links to a collection of information (reports, guidance, toolkits etc) to support clinical commissioning and is part of the suite of resources via NHS Networks.

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Are you vitamin D deficient?

How are you getting your vitamin D?

The Vitamin D Council is a charity based in California who are working to raise awareness of vitamin D and the potential consequences of vitamin D deficiency. We get vitamin D through sunlight exposure or supplementation and there is emerging research that shows links between a number of health problems and vitamin D deficiency.

The new Vitamin D Council website features lots of information about vitamin D, what it is, how to make sure you get enough and how to find out if you are deficient.  It also contains 75 health condition summaries, which bring together the latest research on the subject in a patient friendly format.

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CONSORT Library of good reporting


The CONSORT statement is an evidence-based, minimum set of recommendations for reporting RCTs.

You can now get involved in the effort to improve the quality of research reporting by sending examples of good practice to the CONSORT team.

Minervation has just delivered an add-on to their website that allows users to do just that.  Your examples are reviewed by the team and collated in a new section of the website:  the CONSORT Library.

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People in research: a new website connecting members of the public with researchers

By “getting involved in research” we mean active participation, such as sitting on a steering group, advising on funding applications or helping to write information for patients.

The site has a searchable database of opportunities, and researchers can register for the site and add their own projects to the database.  These are checked by INVOLVE staff before they go live to ensure that they meet quality standards.

We have also created an extensive collection of videos and textual resources that describe what it’s like to get involved, what sorts of roles people can play and how to make sure involvement is effective.

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